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Jon Stratton J.Stratton at curtin.edu.au
Wed Jun 3 11:50:47 CST 2009

  Hi All,
     It has come to my attention that there has been a major breakdown in service at Network Books--this occurred round about the end of 2008.  Noone is able to tell me when this situation will be resolved.  The good news is that a temporary measure has been put in place for people wishing to buy books published by Network Books.  You can find a list of books published by Network Books at: http://www.api-network.com/main/index.php?apply=full_catalogue .  Now for the self-interested bit.  One of these books is my own: Jon Stratton  _Australian Rock: Essays on Popular Music_.  Should any of you want to buy this, or any other book published by Network Books, please email Rena Catania at r.catania at curtin.edu.au .  Rena is selling the books at the prices shown on the Network Books website.  In the case of my book that is $34.95.  Please do *not* email the Network Books email address as nobody is monitoring that account.  To the best of my knowledge, contacting Rena is the only way that Network Books publications are being distributed at the moment.  Please can I take this opportunity to ask you all once more to request your library to buy my book, and let them know the present process for doing this.
with best wishes,
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