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Dear colleagues, forwarded by request.

Suspended Fall 2009 Issue 3.0

Call for Works

In Tensions online journal is currently accepting submissions of art
and scholarly articles animated by the uncertainty of what will
happen next. What is it to live suspended, hanging or floating
between possibilities? Elizabeth Grosz stresses hope in the critical
affirmations enabled by the "joyous open-endedness of the future"
(Becomings, 1999: 21-22). But what does it feel like and what is
socially produced in moments of not knowing what will happen in
particular contexts? How, by whom, and under what historical
conditions does an uncertain present/future give form to pleasure,
indifference, fear or other affects? What are the relationships
between knowledges of the future as mystery and alignments of
power in particular contexts? How do engagements with an
undefined territory of possibilities recast agency and 'the political?'

Interested artists should submit a brief artist statement and samples of
their work to managing editors Alberto Guevara (aguevara at yorku.ca)
or Elysée Nouvet (nouvet at yorku.ca) by July 30, 2009.

In Tensions is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed e-journal published
biannually out of Fine Arts Cultural Studies at York University. This
initiative brings together interventions by scholars and artists whose
work deals with the theatricality of power, corporealities of structural
violence, and sensory regimes.

Further details and submission guidelines can be accessed at:

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