[csaa-forum] Usyd GCS Seminar, 29 May: "Think Differently, Write Differently? Imagining Alternative Modes of Academic Writing"

Fiona Allon fiona.allon at usyd.edu.au
Mon May 25 16:34:53 CST 2009

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney.

Katrina Schlunke and Jeannie Martin
"Think Differently, Write Differently? Imagining Alternative Modes of
Academic Writing"

WHEN: Friday, 29 May, 2pm
WHERE: Western Tower Boardroom (J4.03), Quadrangle (A14), University of
The seminar will followed by drinks at Manning Bar. All very welcome!

How do words work again?
This talk wants to engage with two thoughts to consider the particular place
and politics of writing in our particular academic setting. The two thoughts
- Every new thought demands its own poetics.
- Signification is no longer a question of meaning but of affect.

Where does writing go when its role in meaning making shifts? Where are the
new poetics that might suggest new thought? Perhaps we need to try a few
things 'on the page' or find writing in our touching world or live our words
experimentally. Or maybe we need to stop writing or at least stop that thing
usually called writing.

Katrina Schlunke teaches Cultural Studies at the University of Technology
Sydney. She is an editor of Cultural Studies Review and author and co-author
of Bluff Rock:Autobiography of a Massacre and Cultural theory in Everyday
Practice. At the moment she is concerned with the ways we write the past,
particularly in relations to over determined events such as the landing of
Captain Cook at Botany Bay.

Jeannie Martin is a Research Associate with the Department of Gender and
Cultural Studies, University of Sydney. She was a member of academic staff
in Anthropology at Macquarie University and then University of NSW before
joining Humanities at UTS in mid 1980s. Her publications are in the areas of
migration, women and work, women and the state, racism and multiculturalism.
She was the Founding Director of the UTS Shopfront, founding member of the
editorial committee for the journal InterAsia Cultural Studies, and an
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Research (2001-7).
Her major research focus from 1996 has been on daily life in public places.

RSVP/Apologies to Fiona Allon (fiona.allon at usyd.edu.au).
If you have any questions about the seminar series or how to find the venue,
please feel free to contact me.
Dr Fiona Allon
Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

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