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Dear colleagues


Issue 129 of Media International Australia (MIA) is now available:
"Making media policy: Looking forward, looking back" edited by Jock


The themed section of this issue is a fascinating collection of eight
papers that mediate variously upon the histories of various media and
their policy objects-television, broadcasting (national, indigenous,
multicultural), documentaries, telecommunications, wireline and wireless
telegraphy, and devices (mobiles, remote controls). Importantly for
thinking about the shape of media, and other worlds too, the gambit of
the special issue goes not just to the importance of taking a historical
perspective-crucially, it is about the uses, and abuses, of history.


These studies offer histories of media that offer an opportunity to
de-familiarise their familiar forms. The authors are also keenly attuned
to the kinds of historical ratios that provide frameworks, texture and
promissory notes for those making policy. And, were we to think media
differently, what kinds of histories we might care or need to write and
activate, and for what reasons. As theme editor Jock Given observes:
'Good media policy futurists have histories in their bones, but they
need to think hard about which ones.'

Abstracts and further details are available on the website:
www.emsah.uq.edu.au/mia/ <http://www.emsah.uq.edu.au/mia/> 



Internet media and the public sphere: The 2007 Australian
e-electioneering experience Jim Macnamara

A quiet revolution: Australian community broadcasting audiences speak
out Michael Meadows, Susan Forde, Jacqui Ewart and Kerrie Foxwell

Jack Bauer: The smart warrior's Faustian gift Marcus O'Donnell



Making media policy: Looking forward, looking back Jock Given (available
for download)

'The potential diversity of things we call TV': Indigenous community
television, self-determination and NITV Ellie Rennie and Daniel

Special broadcasting: Cultural diversity, policy evolutions and the
international 'crisis' in public service broadcasting Georgie McClean

Making the Australian mobile in the 1990s: Creating markets, choosing
technologies Gerard Goggin

The old new television and the new: Digital transitions at home Julian

A 50/50 Proposition: Public-private partnerships in Australian
communications Jock Given

Debating Australian documentary production policy: Some practitioner
perspectives Pat Laughren

Broadband bottleneck: History revisited Trevor Barr

The early years of international telegraphy in Australia: A critical
assessment Peter Putnis

Reviews Edited by Kitty van Vuuren


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