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Get Your Ideas Off The Napkin

Call For Applicants - Cfc Media Lab Telus
Interactive Art & Entertainment Program

Deadline: December 19, 2008

Canadian Film Centre
2489 Bayview Ave. 
Toronto, ON, Canada


   Accelerate your future and surround yourself with new ways of thinking.
There is no limit to what you can create at CFC Media Lab. In just five
months, you will learn from some of the best in the interactive business.
You will share new ways of thinking with ambitious and like-minded people
from a wide variety of backgrounds. It's a collaborative process that allows
you to come up with new and exciting ideas for the real world.

FLEX your creative muscle and win free tuition with our online contest:

The CFC Media Lab is currently accepting applications for the Spring 2009
session of the TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program (IAEP), a
five-month, post-graduate residency focused on creating inventive
interactive narrative projects for the Canadian and international

The TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program
tertainment_program/index.php>  (IAEP) is Canada's first post-graduate
program for new media training and production, based on a philosophy that
compelling new media content is created through a collaborative process
harnessing a wide range of creative skills, knowledge and talent. An
internationally acclaimed facility, the CFC Media Lab has produced
award-winning new media prototypes ranging from simulation-based interactive
documentaries, to wireless storytelling networks, to interactive short films
and narrative-driven media installations.

The TELUS IAEP encourages resident participation from a variety of
backgrounds, including: visual art, programming, design, production,
filmmaking, music, writing and new media. The TELUS IAEP is also open to
international residents. Alumni have represented many countries including
Japan, Mexico, Israel, Pakistan, India and the United States.

CFC Media Lab alumni are at the forefront of the future of entertainment and
have a proven track record of creating successful companies and projects
with global appeal.

Successful Highlights from CFC MEDIA LAB ALUMNI include:
€ Greenwave (2008)- a social network challenge
€ LMNO PICS (2007)- an interactive language game http://www.cieocreative.com
€ Meanwhile (2006) - won the Reflet d'Or for Best Interactive Multimedia
Fiction at the 14th annual Cinéma tous écrans in Geneva, Switzerland.
€  Patrick Crowe (2004) ­ Graduate of the Year, Excellence in Cross Platform
Awards at the 2005 Canadian New Media Awards for Xenophile Media's
Re-Genesis Project ­ http://www.xenophile.ca
€ Murmur (2002) ­ http://www.murmurtoronto.ca
€ PAX Warrior (2001) ­ http://www.paxwarrior.com special mention at U.N. WSA
€ SEED (2000) ­ http://www.seedcollective.ca/about.htm
€ Trapeze Media (1999) ­ http://www.trapeze.com
€ Smiley Guy Studios (1997) (Odd Job Jack) ­ http://www.smileyguy.com

WIN FREE TUITION -APPLY NOW at http://cfccreates.com
Deadline is December 19, 2008

medialab at cfccreates.com
t. 416-445-1446 x 296

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