[csaa-forum] CCR SEMINAR SERIES 08: George Morgan and Tim Winter - 27 November

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Apologies for cross-postings 

 Centre for Cultural Research

University of Western Sydney


invites all to attend

the CCR Seminar Series 2008



Dr George Morgan (CCR)

Dr Tim Winter (University of Sydney)


Date: Thursday, 27 November

Time: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Venue: The Boardroom, Superintendent's Cottage (Building ET), Parramatta

Afternoon tea and cakes provided 

RSVP: Jacqui Kingi j.kingi at uws.edu.au or 9685 9600

Apologies: Kay Anderson k.anderson at uws.edu.au   




Aboriginal Youth Culture and Urban Regeneration in Redfern-Waterloo

George Morgan

This paper explores the nascent redevelopment of the Redfern Waterloo
region of inner-Sydney, which has long been the heart of the urban
Aboriginal population. Current state plans for urban renewal express the
desire to preserve the area's indigenous character.  This, however,
involves only a narrow and circumscribed vision of Aboriginal culture
(and residual communal presence) based on conventional 'touristic'
representations of Aboriginality (fine art, dance and performance of
tradition). Young indigenous people today, like minority youth
elsewhere, identify more with street culture/global subcultures -
hip-hop, graffiti art, skateboarding etc - and sport than with
traditional arts. In state urban redevelopment/ gentrification
strategies, such activities are difficult to accommodate. This paper
will argue that the failure to recognise the complex and ambiguous
character of public spaces and their importance as sites of resistant/
underground/ avant-garde youth sub-cultures will inevitably generate
sterile landscapes; their vision of local communal heritage is little
more than tokenistic and two dimensional.



Cultural Heritage: Re-Conceiving an Architecture of Analysis

Dr Tim Winter

To date 'Cultural Studies' and 'Heritage Studies', as fields of
scholarship, have paid relatively little attention to each other.
Despite both proclaiming to pursue inter-disciplinary approaches to
examine 'the cultural' there has been little cross fertilization of
ideas. Frequently treated as a sub-discipline within the social sciences
and humanities, 'heritage' has also been fragmented across disciplines,
with specialists often analyzing culture in sector-specific, normative
terms. This situation means the wider socio-cultural contexts within
which heritage sits, and the economic and political forces that enmesh
it, invariably remain overlooked. A series of examples drawn from across
Asia - including Cambodia, Tibet, Laos and Kashmir - will be cited to
illustrate why cultural heritage can be a valuable focal point through
which we can better interpret a range of social and cultural phenomena,
such as: the politics of nation-building; sub-national ethno-religious
divides; prescriptions of multi-culturalism and identity; the 'rise of
Asia' as manifest in tourism; or the cultural dimensions of geo-politics
and post-conflict reconstruction. These analytical themes will be
offered to not only illustrate why the field of heritage studies can
benefit from incorporating more critical social/cultural theory, but
also to demonstrate why 'heritage', as an expansive field of enquiry,
should be an essential part of wider social science and humanities
research and teaching.



George Morgan researches the formation and dissolution of communal ties
in urban areas, including occupational and residential communities of
working people, networks based on ethnicity, and the reworking of ethnic
traditions in suburban areas, especially among Aboriginal and NESB
people.  He is the author of Unsettled Places: Aboriginal People and
Urbanisation in New South Wales (Wakefield Press, 2006).


Tim Winter's research interests focus on heritage and tourism in Asia,
with a strong interest in understanding the simultaneous and often
contradictory challenges which emerge around heritage and tourism within
societies suffering from, or recovering from, periods of armed conflict.
He is the author of Post-conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism;
culture, politics and development at Angkor (Routledge, 2007). 



Parramatta Campus Map and Directions 

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