[csaa-forum] Television and the National Conference

Susan Bye S.Bye at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Nov 11 10:43:42 CST 2008

Television and the National Conference

ACMI Federation Square Melbourne

Wednesday 19th November to Friday 21st November 2008


The focus of this conference will be the important role of television in
the formation of ideas about Australia and Australianness.


Over sixty papers will be presented over the three days of the
conference by a number of well known scholars in the field of television
studies in Australia including Dr Frances Bonner, Professor John
Hartley, Professor Graeme Turner and Dr Alan McKee.  

Keynote speakers: Mr Andy Medhurst, Professor Ien Ang and Professor Gay

For further information contact Sue Turnbull (S.Turnbull at latrobe.edu.au)
Moblie: 0407-810-090 or Susan Bye (s.bye at latrobe.edu.au)


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