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Exploring Documentary in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Sunday 22 February, 2009

The seventh biennial documentary conference will be held in Auckland,  
at the Gus Fisher Gallery. A collaboration between Massey University  
[School of Fine Arts] and the University of Auckland [Film Television  
& Media Studies and NICAI], in association with the DocNZ Film Festival.

The conference format this year will be slightly different from  
previous years. It will consist of a one-day event that will be part  
of the DocNZ Summit (22-25 February). As in previous years, the  
conference will interweave selected documentary presentations by  
filmmakers, photographers and artists, along with academic papers.

In addition to the conference day, the DocNZ Summit will also feature  
opportunities for presentations by documentary practitioners and  
academics. The Summit will focus its presentations on more topical  
issues and will also be mounting industry events including a funding  
pitch. Please visit the DocNZ Summit website for more information. http://www.docnz.org.nz/summit/


Film/videomakers, photographers and artists are invited to show  
documentary works still in production (rough-cuts, representative  
takes, edited sequences, etc.) or, if completed, works that have not  
yet shown widely. An open discussion session will follow  
presentations. In addition to film and video works, we will also  
feature documentary works in photography and related art-genres. We  
welcome projects from every aspect of the documentary spectrum –  
community, activist, indigenous, mainstream, oral history, avant- 
garde, experimental, art-house, contemporary art, etc. – but each will  
be chosen for their particular and unique quality. We are looking for  
exciting, innovative works.


In addition to documentary works, we are also interested in selected  
written presentations that continue debates and discussions around  
documentary theory and practices. We are seeking papers from academics  
and others writing on documentary from a variety of perspectives.  
Papers may focus on documentary within film studies, history,  
anthropology, cultural studies, art history, media studies, fine art  
studies, etc.

The final selection for all presentations will be determined through a  
peer-review process.


1. All proposals must be sent in electronic format ONLY (i.e. via  

2. All proposals should be no longer than 250 words.

3. Include visual documentation if appropriate.

4. Include a CV for each applicant for each submission

5. Please send all proposals to BOTH email addresses:

a.goldson at auckland.ac.nz <mailto:a.goldson at auckland.ac.nz> and j.j.distefano at massey.ac.nz 
  <mailto:j.j.distefano at massey.ac.nz>

6. Final date for all electronic submissions: DECEMBER 15 2008 (no  

PLEASE CHECK FOR UPDATES: http://expanding-documentary-conference.blogspot.com

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