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As Others See Us:
The values debate in Australia
edited by J.V. D'Cruz, Bernie Neville, Devika Goonewardene & Phillip Darby

This book is a splendid collection of essays on Australian culture, 
politics, and the "values" debate- illuminated by the ideas of a 
thinker Australians need to know, Ashis Nandy, one of the foremost 
critical intellectuals on the globe. Across issues from asylum 
seekers to sport, this book digs through the clotted layers of 
official hypocrisy to lay bare both the violence, and the hope, that 
mark our situation in the world.
-- Professor Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney, author of Southern 
Theory (2007).

An Ashis Nandy Travelling Kit for 'DOWN UNDER'
Australia's Polygot Ghosts
Swimming Against the Mainstream
The Sporting Nation
'I don't mind the headscarf but...'
A New Cosmopolitanism
Aussie Bums on the Beach
Mates Together
An Isolation Within
The Dance of the Hidden Gods
Performing Outside One's Comfort Zone
The Stranger in our Midst
Nationalism at the Crossroads

Features writing by Ashis Nandy, Vinay Lal, Anthony Langlois, Erika 
Kerruish, Vin D'Cruz, Deborah Bird Rose, Baden Offord, Kate O'Mara, 
Goldi Osuri, Bernie Neville, Alisoun Neville, Suvendrini Perera, 
Joseph Pugliese, Margaret Robertson, Brian Stoddart, David Walker, 
Devika Goonewardene, Kane Collins, Devleena Ghosh, Phillip Darby.

ISBN:978 1 74097 176 8 | RRP: $39.95
Available from Australian Scholarly Press: 

Dr Baden Offord
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