[csaa-forum] CCR SEMINAR SERIES 08: Beatriz Cardona and Sarah James - 16 October

Reena Dobson R.Dobson at uws.edu.au
Tue Oct 7 14:39:56 CST 2008


Apologies for cross-postings 

 Centre for Cultural Research

University of Western Sydney


invites all to attend

the CCR Seminar Series 2008



 Beatriz Cardona (CCR)




Sarah James (CCR)


Date: Thursday, 16 October

Time: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Venue: The Gallery, Female Orphan School, Parramatta Campus

Afternoon tea and cakes provided 

RSVP: Jacqui Kingi j.kingi at uws.edu.au or 9685 9600

Apologies: Kay Anderson k.anderson at uws.edu.au   




Anti-Ageing Ideologies and Practices in Australia: Local and Global
Trends to Redefine Ageing

Beatriz Cardona

 The rise of anti-ageing medicine as a health strategy is a complex
phenomena facilitated by numerous factors. This presentation seeks to
outline some of these factors and the possible directions anti-ageing
medicine in Australia may take. By borrowing some concepts from
complexity theory I will argue that anti-ageing medicine is at the 'edge
of chaos' due in part to transformations taking place in other areas
including scientific research on longevity, and bifurcations in
financial markets along with new contestations of the capacity of
consumer markets to offer viable models to fashion identity.  



Encounters at the Edge: Market Gardens, Diversity and Development on
Sydney's Urban Fringe

Sarah James

 This paper seeks to question the predominant vision of growth in the
aspiring global city of Sydney, through a study of the market gardens on
its peri-urban fringe. This form of urban agriculture is primarily
undertaken by first generation migrants from countries such as Malta,
Lebanon, Italy, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. The potential loss of these
farms draws into dialogue discourses of sustainability and cultural
diversity that are (too) rarely brought into critical contact in urban
scholarship, policy and planning. Threatened by plans for the
development of housing estates, these diverse presences on the city
fringe trouble the notion of growth as development and the ideal of the
'global city' framed in primarily economic terms. While often neglected
in official visions of 'the city', these farms highlight the living,
everyday heritage of the city's diverse population and the contributions
such food-supply practices make to the city as a whole. The range of
users and uses of land in the city, illustrated by these market
gardeners on its edge, speak to a re-visioning of Sydney's development
over the next 25 years (and beyond) through a multi-faceted framing of
urban growth.




Beatriz Cardona is in the last year of her PhD at CCR researching
anti-ageing medicine in Australia and its links to global markets and
consumer ideologies.


Sarah James is in the final stages of her PhD candidature at CCR, where
she is looking at multiple uses and users of land on Sydney's urban
fringe through discourses of heritage and sustainability.  


Parramatta Campus Map and Directions 

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