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Here's a bit of info about the artists involved::

Every piece Ingrid Voorendt (director) has made has made someone cry. She
could have pursued a career as a stand-up comedian.

Zoe Barry performed with Rostropovich in St Petersburg, Russia.  She could
have married young instead of travelling.

Naida Chinner won the 2003 Adelaide Critic's Circle award for Innovation. 
She could have walked past the love of her life and been so preoccupied she
didn't notice.

Helen Omand's Chemical Sea got a standing ovation in Ankara, Turkey.  She
could have been less concerned with the could-haves.

Astrid Pill was named Best Actress 2003 by the Advertiser.  She could have
not read that story about that man chopping up his wife when she was 8.

Jason Sweeney is an undisciplined transient sound & performance maker who
goes about his business quietly.  He could have really tipped over to the
dark side by now, but hasn't.

Solon Ulbrich performed a solo at the Sydney Opera House.  He could have not
done the Rock 'n Roll Eistedfodd but there were heaps of chicks involved.

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