[csaa-forum] Special issue of Cultural Studies Review: Panic

Cristyn Davies c.m.davies at uws.edu.au
Sat Sep 13 18:04:46 CST 2008

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached a flyer for a special issue of Cultural Studies Review
themed: Panic.

Best wishes,
Cristyn Davies and Robert Payne

Cultural Studies Review
September 2008 Issue
Edited by John Frow and Katrina Schlunke
with co-editors Cristyn Davies and Robert Payne
Annual print subscription (2 issues): $50
Contact: csreview at unimelb.edu.au
Further details: www.csreview.unimelb.edu.au
Cultural Studies Review vol. 14 no. 2 September 2008
Editorial: John Frow and Katrina Schlunke
Cristyn Davies and Robert Payne, Introduction: Cultures of Panic
Greg Noble, The Face of Evil: Demonising the Arab Other in Contemporary
Robert Payne, ŒSkylarking¹: Homosexual Panic and the Death of Private Kovco
Joseph Pugliese, Biotypologies of Terrorism
Sara Knox, ŒNew Ways to Frame the Mammoth Horror¹: Media First Responders
and the Katrina Event
Cristyn Davies, Proliferating Panic: Regulating Representations of Sex and
Gender during the Culture Wars
Toby Miller, Ritalin®: Panic in the USA
Kerry H. Robinson, In the Name of ŒChildhood Innocence¹: A Discursive
Exploration of the Moral Panic Associated with Childhood and Sexuality
Anna Gibbs, Panic! Affect Contagion, Mimesis and Suggestion in the Social
Kay Anderson and Colin Perrin, Beyond Savagery: The Limits of Australian
Goldie Osuri, White Free Speech: The Fraser Event and its Enlightenment
Rose Michael, (Re)visiting the Corporate World: The Matrix Evolution
Jane Simon: Margaret Henderson, Marking Feminist Times: Remembering the
Longest Revolution in Australia
John Frow: Marita Sturken, Tourists of History: Memory, Kitsch and
Consumerism from Oklahoma City to Ground Zero
Andrea Merrett: Beatriz Colomina, Domesticity at War
Lisa McDonald: Tara Forrest, The Politics of Imagination: Benjamin,
Kracauer, Kluge
Lisa Farrance: Mark Gibson, Culture and Power: A History of Cultural Studies
Barbaa Bloch: Mary Zournazi, Keywords to War: Reviving Language in an Age of

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