[csaa-forum] New Book - The 'Fat' Female Body

Samantha Murray smurray78 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 23:49:33 CST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

My book, entitled "The 'Fat' Female Body", is due for publication with
Palgrave Macmillan UK next month. A brief blurb about the book is as

"Investigating the current interest in obesity and fatness, this book
explores the problems and ambiguities that form the lived experience of
'fat' women in contemporary Western society. Engaging with dominant ideas
about 'fatness', and analysing the assumptions that inform anti-fat
attitudes in the West, The 'Fat' Female Body explores the moral panic over
the 'obesity epidemic', and the intersection of medicine and morality in
pathologising 'fat' bodies. It contributes to the emerging field of fat
studies by offering not only alternative understandings of subjectivity, the
(re)production of public knowledge(s) of 'fatness', and politics of
embodiment, but also the possiblility of (re)reading 'fat' bodies to foster
more productive social relations."

I have attached the book flyer here, and if you would like further
information, such as a table of contents, you may like to visit the title's
homepage at http://www.palgrave.com/Products/title.aspx?PID=283310

At this stage, the book is only available in hardcover, and may go to a
second print run in paperback, depending on how it sells. As I'm sure you're
aware, academic books are expensive at the best of times, especially in
hardcover, and unfortunately, my book is no exception. It is variously
listed on Amazon and other online book sellers for USD$85, £45 (pounds
sterling), and a whopping AUD$144 (due to it being an import).

I am writing to ask you, if this text is of interest to you or your
students, to consider ordering (pre-ordering options are in place currently)
a copy for your university library. I would really like people to be able to
access the book and engage with it, but I understand its price tag is out of
the realm of possibility for many (especially students). If you are
personally interested in the book, it would be most affordable if purchased
through a UK or US site (such as Amazon), especially if you are based in
Australia or New Zealand, given the price hike the publishers have imposed
for those of us down here in the southern hemisphere.

I will be launching the book at Gleebooks in Sydney on November 28 2008, and
would be delighted to see you there if you are in a position to attend. I
will send you more information about the launch closer to the event if you
are interested in attending. Please feel free also to forward this to any
other colleagues you think may be interested.

Many thanks to you,


Dr Samantha Murray
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Somatechnics Research Centre
Department of Critical & Cultural Studies
Macquarie University
Email:  smurray78 at gmail.com
        smurray at scmp.mq.edu.au

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