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Alice Healy Alice.Healy at unisa.edu.au
Thu Sep 4 10:45:52 CST 2008


To CSAA members,


This is a call to those members who currently teach Australian
literature and film in any context (Cultural Studies, Literary Studies,
Communication). We'd like to draw your attention to our ALTC funded
project, 'Teaching Australian Literature Survey', and invite your
participation on the website's Discussion Forum


We are interested in hearing about your teaching experiences and
methodologies, the texts that you teach, student responses, theoretical
frameworks, and any suggestions you may have for the survey. A survey
questionnaire will also be available in the following weeks.


More specific details from the AustLit newsletter are below.




Alice Healy

Philip Mead

Kerry Kilner

Anna Gray

The Teaching Aust Lit Website Is Go! 

Teaching Australian Literature web site

The website for the Teaching Aust Lit <http://teaching.austlit.edu.au/>
(TAL) project has been launched and is now available at
http://teaching.austlit.edu.au/; you can also get there from the AustLit
home page <http://www.austlit.edu.au/> .

The Teaching Aust Lit site will evolve over the coming months to become
an essential tool for teachers of Australian literature texts. 

The TAL site contains: 

*	an online forum for discussing ideas and issues around your
experience of teaching Australian texts - all teachers or those with an
opinion are welcome to join the forum 
*	a regular blog by the project leaders - Dr Philip Mead
<http://www.austlit.edu.au/run?ex=ShowAgent&agentId=An$> , Dr Alice
Healy <http://www.austlit.edu.au/run?ex=ShowAgent&agentId=A2-n>  and
Kerry Kilner <http://www.austlit.edu.au/run?ex=ShowAgent&agentId=A$y=>  
*	information about the project and our plans. 

The TAL site will soon contain: 

*	the results of a survey of current and recent past experiences
of teaching Australian texts at upper secondary and tertiary levels in
Australia and information on the international experience of teaching
Australian texts 
*	information on what is being taught, in what context, and the
tools and techniques being used 
*	information on available resources to assist teachers including
AustLit full text and data. 

The Teaching Aust Lit project has been funded by the Australian Teaching
and Learning Council <http://www.altc.edu.au/carrick/go/home>  and is
supported by AustLit. For specific further information contact the TAL
project officer, Anna Gray: anna.gray at utas.edu.au  




Dr Alice Healy

Lecturer in Australian Studies

David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research (DUCIER)

University of SA

Y2-42 Yungondi Building

City West Campus


Ph: + 61 8 8302 9280

F: + 61 8 8302 0920

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