[csaa-forum] CCR SEMINAR SERIES 08: Elaine Lally and Garry Whannel - 11 September

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Mon Sep 1 14:06:17 CST 2008


Apologies for cross-postings 

 Centre for Cultural Research

University of Western Sydney


invites all to attend

the CCR Seminar Series 2008



 Dr Elaine Lally (CCR)




Professor Garry Whannel (University of Bedfordshire, UK)


Date: Thursday, 11 September

Time: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Venue: The Gallery, Female Orphan School, Parramatta Campus

Afternoon tea and cakes provided 

RSVP: Jacqui Kingi j.kingi at uws.edu.au or 9685 9600

Apologies: Kay Anderson k.anderson at uws.edu.au   




Code Complexities: Messing Around With Cluttered Software

Elaine Lally


Research at CCR deals in many different ways with the complexities of
contemporary life. This presentation lifts the bonnet on the current
version of the Digital Cultural Atlas to investigate the complexities
and messiness behind the deceptive simplicity of the web. The analysis
will attempt to demonstrate in practical terms how CCR can develop its
capacity for critical reflection on the digital technologies which
increasingly underpin our research. 



That Obscure Object of Analysis: What Does it Mean to 'Analyse' the
Olympic Games?

Garry Whannel 


What are we doing when we do "cultural analysis?"  How do we choose
appropriate means?  How do we recognise our object?  What are our
intentions?  Is academic enquiry always distinct from other discursive
modes - for example, investigative journalism or political polemic?
This talk uses the Olympic Games to exemplify the problems posed by
cultural analysis, and offers some notes on approaching these problems
derived from the author's recent research into Olympic-related issues of
cultural politics and power.




Dr Elaine Lally is Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Director at CCR.
She researches in the areas of art and technology as material culture,
and the role of arts and culture in regional development (especially in
Western Sydney). She is the author of At Home with Computers, published
by Berg in 2002.


Garry Whannel is Professor of Media Cultures and Head of CIMARC: The
Centre for International Media Analysis Research and Consultancy,
University of Bedfordshire, UK.  His most recent book is Culture,
Politics and Sport: Blowing the Whistle Revisited (Routledge 2008).



Parramatta Campus Map and Directions 

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