[csaa-forum] New Issue of the New Zealand Journal of Media Studies (11.1)

Thierry Jutel thierryjutel at mac.com
Wed Jul 16 23:19:34 CST 2008

Dear all

The new issue of the New Zealand Journal of Media Studies (Volume 11  
No 1) is available now at http://www.nzmediastudies.org.nz/

The New Zealand Journal of Media Studies is a fully refereed scholarly  
journal established in 1995 and now available online. The journal's  
contributions reflect the development of media studies and related  
fields in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is a space for the scholarly  
discussion of media research and literacy with regard to theoretical  
and representational questions and topics, history and policy at both  
local and global levels.

This issues contains the following articles:

Matthew Bannister: "Where’s Morningside? Locating bro’Town in the  
ethnic genealogy of New Zealand/Aotearoa"
Angi Buettner: "Media Representation of Catastrophe, Holocaust;  
Imagery, and the Politics of Seeing"
Thierry Jutel and Tony Schirato: "Media Interactivity and Fantasy Sport"
Jo Smith and Sue Abel: "Ka Whawhai Tonu Mātou: Indigenous Television  
in Aotearoa/New Zealand"
Mary Alemany-Galway: "Review: The Romance of Transgression in Canada:  
Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas by Thomas Waugh (Montreal &  
Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press 2006)"

We also wish to invite you to make submissions for future issues.  
Details on how to do this are available at:


Warm regards

Andrew Dunn
Programme Administrator - Media Studies
42 Kelburn Parade, Room 201
Victoria University, Wellington
DDI: 04 463 7466
email: andrew.dunn at vuw.ac.nz

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