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'Intimate Ephemera: Reading Young Lives in Australian Zine Culture'
Anna Poletti
Melbourne University Publishing
Publication date: May 2008
Price: AUS$49.99
ISBN : 0-522-85565-2

'Intimate Ephemera' is the first major study of autobiographical
writing produced and consumed in a youth subculture. Investigating the
uses of the zine form for life writing, it examines the recurrent
themes in texts circulating in Australian zine culture, including
depression, consumerism, popular culture and political identity.

'Intimate Ephemera' also examines zine culture as a unique community
of life writing and reading, where handmade texts circulate in an
economy of gifting and exchange utilising the postal system. The book
analyses the material diversity of zines as handmade objects,
examining the use of the photocopier and craft techniques in these
limited edition publications, bringing a focus to the role of the
text-object in communicating personal experience.

Table of Contents:
1: Rethinking Resistance, Authenticity and Autobiography
2: Zines Making Zinesters
3: Narrating and (re)Figuring the Bedroom
4: Consuming Selves
5: Narratives of Depression
6: Materialising Intimacy: Reading the Perzine as Autobiographical Object

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