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'Walter Benjamin and the Politics of the Present' Seminar

   * 15 July 2008
   * 1.00 - 5.30 pm
   * Japanese Studies Centre, Clayton Campus
   * Event Inquiries: Gail Ward, Phone: +61 3 990 52208
     <mailto:Gail.Ward at arts.monash.edu.au>

A seminar organised by the Centre for Comparative Literature and 
Cultural Studies, Monash University.

Chaired by: Andrew Benjamin (Monash University).

Speakers: Graeme Gilloch (Lancaster University), Howard Caygill 
(Goldsmiths College), Elina Staikou (Goldsmiths College), Tara Forrest 

Walter Benjamin was one of the most significant thinkers of the 20th 
Century. His work continues to play a vital role within the Humanities. 
This seminar brings together leading Benjamin scholars in order to 
investigate different aspects of his work. Howard Caygill and Elina 
Staikou will concentrate on his paper the /Critique of Violence/, while 
Graeme Gilloch and Tara Forrest will concentrate on Benjamin's writings 
on the City and on Film.


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