[csaa-forum] MSCP Winter School

phallacy at tpg.com.au phallacy at tpg.com.au
Tue Jun 17 14:20:37 CST 2008

The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy Winter School is running from June 23 to July 11, 
consisting of six courses:

Week One:
- History of Philosophy III: Aristotle - The Practical Philosophy (Matthew Sharpe and James Garrett)
- Interpretations of Nietzsche (Ashley Woodward and others)

Week Two:
- History of Philosophy IV: Medieval Philosophy I (Ian Weeks)
- Blumenberg's The Legitimacy of the Modern Age (Mark Hewson)

Week Three:
- An Introduction to Hegel's Logic (Andy Blunden)
- Mind and Society: Robert Brandom & the Continental Tradition (Andrew Montin and Gilles Bouche)

For more details, visit the Winter School page at http://www.mscp.org.au/ws08.html. Please get in 
touch with admin at mscp.org.au or convenor at mscp.org.au with any enquiries.

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