[csaa-forum] CFP: International Australian Studies Association (InASA) Conference November 26-28

Jean Burgess je.burgess at qut.edu.au
Thu Jun 12 13:16:57 CST 2008

Passing this on as it may interest members of the list.

Please see contact details and conference website below.

Contact: Dr Keith Moore, Conference Coordinator, Humanities Program - QUT: k.moore at qut.edu.au

To interested academics (including postgraduate students)

The International Australian Studies Association (InASA)  Conference will be held in Central Brisbane from 26 to 28 November 2008. Sponsored by Humanities Program at Queensland University of Technology, the conference, titled New Voices, New Visions: Challenging Australian Identities and Legacies will be held at the Gardens Point campus.

This conference invites interdisciplinary explorations of  the ways in which ideas, representations, narratives of Australia, Australians  and Australian experiences have been challenged in the new millennium.

This can include:
* Popular cultures: Australia in  literature, film, television, art and music
* Attitudes to the environment
* Changing political cultures
* Reconsiderations of citizenship and  identity
* Australia in the region
* Making and remaking borders
*  Constructions and challenges to the national past
* Myths and memories
* Racial power and privilege
* Indigenous sovereignties
* Social  Exclusion and Human Rights
* Materialism and consumerism
* Knowledge,  Power and Privilege
* Education and Schooling
* Globalization and  diaspora
* National, regional, local perspectives of Australia
*  Cultures of everyday life
* Bodies, space and place: outback, country  towns, cities.
* Culture and technology

We are especially  interested in including the work of emerging scholars, and work that is being  undertaken in new fields of contemporary interest.

The conference website is at: http://asc.uq.edu.au/inasa/conference/ <http://asc.uq.edu.au/inasa/conference/><http://asc.uq.edu.au/inasa/conference/>

Send a paper title and abstract or get together and think up a panel for late November at the Gardens Point Campus.

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