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Subject: From IACS: IACS 8.4 is out
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements    Volume 8 Number 4 December 2007


Editorial Introduction: Global Queer, Local Theories

Wei-cheng R. CHU and Fran MARTIN



Associative identity politics: unmasking the multi-layered formation of queer male selves in 1990s Japan 

Katsuhiko SUGANUMA


Scandalous equivocation: a note on the politics of queer self-naming



Queer Marxism in Taiwan 

 Petrus LIU


Modernising gender, civilising sex: perverse imaginary in the state feminist politics of Liu Yu-hsiu 

Hans Tao-Ming HUANG


Archiving queer feelings in Hong Kong

 Helen Hok-Sze LEUNG


'Wandering men' no longer wander around: the production and transformation of local homosexual identities in contemporary Chengdu, China 

Wei WEI 


Visual Essay

In/Out: Hong Kong Tongzhi Creative Workshop and Exhibition 

Nutong Xueshe


Rethinking the coming home alternative: hybridization and coming out politics in Hong Kong's anti-homophobia parades 



Queer cultural movements and local counter-publics of sexuality: a case of Seoul Queer Films and Videos Festival 

Jeongmin KIM (Translated by Sunghee HONG)

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