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Apologies for cross-posting. And for previous false send.*OCTOBER not
September date*.
Please circulate to interested parties.

For the information of CSSA members:

**The University of Sydney**

**Media and Communications Department**

'Media at Sydney' Seminars Present

'Listen Up: How MP3 Bloggers Use Sound Recordings to Create and Communicate

Journalist and PHD Candidate Margie Borschke
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Friday October 5th, 3pm
The Refectory, Main Quadrangle H113 [Nicolson Museum Quarter, Downstairs]

Most research on MP3 blogs tend to view them as a kind of unauthorized
publicity or distribution tool. They are thought of as the work of fans,
amateur music journalists and tolerated pirate music publishers . These
characterizations oversimplify a more complex creative activity and fail to
recognize the participatory nature of contemporary music cultures. Bloggers
imbue existing sound recordings with new meaning and make public their
personal relationship with these recordings through the juxtaposition of
recorded sound with text, images and/or other sound files.

Margie Borschke is a Sydney-based journalist and Ph.D. candidate at the
Centre for Social Research in Journalism and Communications at the
University of New South Wales under the supervision of Professor Catharine
Lumby. She is writing a dissertation on the subject of copies and
duplication and how individuals, communities, and businesses use copies to
create and communicate.

An early career researcher, she has given conference papers on mp3 bloggers
and unauthorised distribution on the Internet. She holds an Honours BA in
Political Science from McGill University and a Masters Degree in Political
Science from the University of Toronto.

As a writer, reporter and editor, she spent the bulk of her career in New
York City where she worked with many of the world's top publications
including *The New York Times Magazine*, *The Times* (UK) and *Harper's
Magazine*. She moved to Sydney in 2002 and contributed to many Australian
publications including *The Weekend Australian* and *Spectrum *.

*'Media At Sydney' is supported by the School of Letters, Arts, and Media,
Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney. *
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