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The Conference Committee of the 2007 Australian Critical Race and
Whiteness Studies Association conference is pleased to announce its second
call for papers. Information is included below and also on the attached
pdf document. Please feel free to circulate this information to colleagues
and we look forward to seeing you at the conference. The conference
website listed below now includes full registration details and
registration is now open.


The Conference Committee.


Australian Critical Race And Whiteness Studies Association 2007 Conference:

Transforming Bodies, Nations & Knowledges

Adelaide, South Australia, 10 -12 December, 2007

Since 1999 there have been a series of yearly conferences held in
Australia, united by their critique of race privilege and their attention
to matters of Indigenous sovereignty. Early conferences were integral to
the formation of the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies
Association in 2004. These conferences have encouraged and supported the
development of a rapidly growing body of Indigenous voices and knowledges
within the Australian academy as well as an increased focus on issues of
race and whiteness.

This year's conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, and will
encourage continued reflection upon issues of racial power and privilege
in local and global contexts where Indigenous sovereignties continue to be
denied, and in which whiteness maintains hegemony. It continues an
explicit focus on issues of sovereignty and the importance of ensuring
spaces for open, supportive dialogue.

The 2007 ACRAWSA conference, Transforming Bodies, Nations & Knowledges,
draws on the aforementioned history of interventions into the cultural
politics of race and whiteness both in Australia and internationally. The
notion of 'transforming' signifies a commitment not only to examining and
critiquing existing practices of dominance and discrimination, but also to
the ways in which these have been challenged and transformed and continue
to be so in the present and into the future. The conference seeks to
address ways in which processes of transformation mutually implicate
bodies, nations and knowledges. Possible questions include: What kind of
bodies are produced by the powers of racism and colonialism? How do those
bodies transform themselves into something else to resist or avoid
relations of dominance? How do knowledges create and change bodies and
nations? How can we challenge existing disciplines and knowledges to
recognise spaces for Indigenous sovereignty and to oppose racism? How are
nations being changed in contemporary global scenarios? How do nations
demand and produce embodied responses to their practices of inclusion and

Specific areas of concern may include:

· Indigenous sovereignties
· citizenship;
· borders;
· the law;
· bodies, affect and subjectivity;
· gender, sexuality and reproduction
· religion;
· power and knowledge production;
· writing and other creative arts;
· families;
· professional knowledges and practices in education, health and welfare

Such themes are central to a conference that seeks practical and
politically orientated outcomes. The conference will appeal to people
working in the areas of Indigenous studies, whiteness and critical race
studies, gender/women's studies and sexuality studies, education, law,
history, psychology and social sciences, social work, cultural studies,
media studies, literary studies, philosophy, art and design theory as well
as those who are intellectually engaged in community and activist

An invitation is extended to those wishing to present on issues such as
those outlined above to submit an abstract of no more than 200 words,
along with a short biographical statement, by the 31/07/2007 to the
following email address: abstracts2007 at acrawsa.org.au

Conference organisers welcome expressions of interest for the following
presentation formats:

· 'traditional' 20 min papers
· three-paper symposia
· round table discussions
· artistic performances/installations and other forms of information
dissemination that operate outside of the standard 20 minute presentation

More information on submission guidelines, conference details, and
conference publications are available at:

Confirmed keynotes for the conference include Dr. Sara Ahmed on the topic
of 'The Politics of Good Feeling', Dr. Irene Watson, Dr. Jackie Huggins
and Dr. Tony Birch.

Associate Professor Barbara Baird
Head, Department of Women's Studies
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100 Adelaide
South Australia 5001

Telephone (+61 8) 8201 2331
Fax (61 8) 8201 3350

barbara.baird at flinders.edu.au

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