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kiley gaffney k.gaffney at uq.edu.au
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Although pointing out strategies for teaching as a cultural studies
practitioner, my point was that we should primarily be more active citizens.
That might involve putting the academic conjecture away. I think a lot of
us, I would even say most of us, consider ourselves activists who have very
strong political objectives. I think this was the point Paul was making.
It¹s precarious to conflate  these debates around our capacity as
academics/intellectuals with what we can do as citizens. I would even
venture that in these excessively conservative times, the idea of public
intellectualism seems like a bit of an academic fantasy. It¹s hard enough
even getting an opinion published in online newspapers that doesn¹t revolve
around name calling and perfunctory responses!

I¹m trying to get along to as many on the ground things as I can and that
feels more like an articulated community that actually has an indigenous
presence. It feels a little less privileged to me when I¹m not speaking on
anyone¹s behalf but my own.


Kiley Gaffney
School of English, Media Studies and Art History
University of Queensland,
St Lucia.  Qld.  4072

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