[csaa-forum] Tutor needed Melbourne

Sue Turnbull s.turnbull at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Jun 20 20:47:28 CST 2007

To postgrads and others

I need a tutor for a second semester course (which I am teaching) at La
Trobe University which is concerned with ideas about audience research -
including the shift to participation and production in digital media forms.

If you are interested and/or available, please contact me and include a CV.

It will involve attendance at a weekly lecture (paid) and 3-4 tutes
depending on final numbers. There is also an opportunity to lecture.

My designated tutor just got a job she couldn't turn down.

Sue Turnbull (Dr)
Associate Professor
Program Co-ordinator
Media Studies
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3086
Tel: 03-9479-2513
Fax: 03-9479-3638
Mob: 0407-810-090

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