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Dear Colleagues

Issue no 123 of Media International Australia (MIA) is now available:
"Popular Music: Networks, Industries & Spaces", edited by Shane Homan
and Chris Gibson.

In their introduction to this issue, leading music and media scholars
Shane Homan and Chris Gibson express the hope that their special issue
'inspires researchers to explore the current set of industrial and
consumption changes within Australian contexts of popular music'. The
authors represented in this collection have certainly achieved this aim.
The theoretical attuned, deeply researched, and keenly observed papers
published here represent not only a reckoning with the multifarious and
rapid changes in popular music, but indicate a rich set of approaches
and resources for tackling the interleaving of production and
consumption in contemporary media generally.

Abstracts and further details are available on the website:

Contents, No 123, May 2007

General Articles 
Managing Expectations: The Howard Government's WorkChoices Information
Campaign, by Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington 
Moving Through Discourses: An Assessment of the New Zealand 2005
Election Televised Leaders' Debates, by Geoffrey Craig 
Mediatised Recognition and the 'Other', by Simon Cottle
'A Wild Idea': Rupurt Murdoch, Maxwell Newton and the Foundation of The
Australian Newspaper, by Denis Cryle 

Popular Music: Networks, Industries, and Spaces
Popular Music: Networks, Industries, and Spaces, by Shane Homan and
Chris Gibson 
Music Festivals: Transformations in Non -metropolitan places, and in
Creative Work, by Chris Gibson 
Copyright and Creativity: Changing Paradigms and the Implications for
Intellectual Property and the Music Industry, by Phillip McIntyre 
Classic Hits in a Digital Era: Music Radio and the Australian Music
Industry, by Shane Homan 
The DIY Habitus of Australian Hip Hop, by Tony Mitchell 
Work and Play: Vagaries Surrounding Contemporary Cultural Production in
Sydney's Dance Music Culture, by Chris Brennan-Horley 
Hepfidelity: Digital Technology and Music in Contemporary Australian
Swing Dance Culture, by Sam Carroll 
Learning to Listen when there is too Much to Hear: Music Producing and
Audio Engineering as 'Engaged Hearing', by Karl Heuenfeldt 
Reviews, Edited by Kitty van Vuuren and Angi Buettner 

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