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Brett Neilson B.Neilson at uws.edu.au
Tue Apr 3 00:10:55 CST 2007

The new issue (6.4) of 'ephemera: theory & politics in organization' has now been published at

This special issue, entitled 'Experience, Movement and the Creation of
New Political Forms', has been edited by Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter.

The ephemera collective


ephemera (http://www.ephemeraweb.org)
volume 6, number 4 (nov 2006)


Experience, Movement and the Creation of New Political Forms
Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter


Towards a Political Anthropology of New Institutional Forms
Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter

The Artistic Device, or, the Articulation of Collective Speech
Brian Holmes

Outside Politics/Continuous Experience
Niamh Stephenson and Dimitris Papadopoulos

The Auto-Destructive Community: The Torsion of the Common in Local
Sites of Antagonism
Marina Vishmidt

Erasing the Line, or, the Politics of the Border
Carlos Fernandez, Meredith Gill, Imre Szeman and Jessica Whyte

Train of Thought: Movement, Contingency and the Imagination of Change
Helen Grace


Taking Over the Asylum
Nick Butler

Toward a 'Pro-biotic' Study of Organization
Roy Stager Jacques

Creativity and Class
Craig Prichard, Bronwyn Boon, Amanda Bill & Deborah Jones


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