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Tom Dawkins tomdawkins at email.com
Thu Dec 7 15:44:21 CST 2006

Apologies for x-posting.
Vibewire has just launched our first-ever public fundraising appeal and I'd
love your support to make it a success. As an organisation without any core
(or ongoing) funding we rely primarily on grants to operate, but in order to
continue to survive we need to fill the gaps in-between and, like most
community organisations, we require community support to do this.
I am incredibly proud of what Vibewire has been able to achieve over the
last few years, and with your help we can do even more in the years to come.
We have a great 2007 planned, including creating unique and engaging
youth-focused coverage of the 2007 federal election, opening the sQuareOne
media, arts and community space in Sydney , seeing Reelife Short Film
Festival returning to Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and launching the
next Interface Anthology of new youth writing at the Sydney Writers Festival
in May next year. But without great support these projects will be put in
doubt. In order to get there and continue to create these sorts of
opportunities we need to diversify the sources of our funding and be more
proactive in fundraising. This is the important first step in that
But we're not just asking for money for nothing, we've got some great
packages of Vibewire products for those who show support (just in time for
Christmas as they say). These include the Vibewire 2007 desktop calendar
filled with great photography, the Reelife 2006 DVD, magazines and the
chance to support young people accessing the sQuareOne space, to open in
February 2007.
Go to  <http://www.vibewire.net/summerappeal> www.vibewire.net/summerappeal
to contribute. Please pass this on to anyone else you think might be

Thanks so much.

Tom Dawkins
National Coordinator
Vibewire Inc.
e: tom at vibewire.net
p: 61 2 9283 0023
m: 0416 099 534
skype: tjdawkins
a: GPO Box 446, Sydney NSW 2001
"You don't need eyes to see - you need vision." - Faithless
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