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Apologies for cross-posting.

I wanted to let you know about a book I’ve co-edited with Clare
Birchall, titled New Cultural Studies, which has just come out from
Edinburgh University Press. We originally found some of the contributors
by putting a cfp out on this list, so hopefully it will be of interest
to people.


Gary Hall and Clare Birchall (eds)

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2006, ISBN 0748622098
The US edition will be published by the University of Georgia Press in
March 2007.

What should or could cultural studies look like in the 21st century? New
Cultural Studies is both an introductory reference work and an original
study which explores new directions currently being opened up in the
field. The book looks at the past, present and, most especially, future
role of theory in cultural studies. It does so by providing an
authoritative and accessible guide, for students and researchers alike,

* some of the most interesting members of the 'post-Birmingham school'
generation of cultural studies scholars
* the thinkers and theories currently influencing new work in cultural
studies:  Agamben, Badiou, Deleuze, Derrida, Hardt and Negri, Kittler,
Laclau, Levinas, Zizek
* the new territories being mapped out across the intersections of
cultural studies and cultural theory: anti-capitalism, ethics, the
posthumanities, post-Marxism, new media technologies, the transnational.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: New Cultural Studies (Gary Hall and Clare Birchall)
Part 1: New Adventures in Theory
2. Cultural Studies and Deconstruction (Gary Hall)
3. Cultural Studies and Post-Marxism (Jeremy Valentine)
4. Cultural Studies and Ethics (Joanna Zylinska)
5. Cultural Studies and German Media Theory (Geoffrey Winthrop-Young)

Part 2: New Theorists
6. Cultural Studies and Gilles Deleuze (Gregory J. Seigworth)
7. Cultural Studies and Giorgio Agamben (Brett Neilson)
8. Cultural Studies and Alain Badiou (Julian Murphet)
9. Cultural Studies and Slavoj Zizek (Paul Bowman)

Part 3: New Transformations
10. Cultural Studies and Anti-Capitalism (Jeremy Gilbert)
11. Cultural Studies and the Transnational (Imre Szeman)
12. Cultural Studies and New Media (Caroline Bassett)

Part 4: New Adventures in Cultural Studies
13. Cultural Studies and Rem Koolhaas' Project on the City (J. McGregor
14. Cultural Studies and the Post-Human(ities) (Neil Badmington)
15. Cultural Studies and the Extreme (Dave Boothroyd)
16. Cultural Studies and the Secret (Clare Birchall)

Advance praise for New Cultural Studies:

"New Cultural Studies is a rousing call to reinvigorate cultural
studies. Presenting and interrogating a range of new theoretical
discourses, the book provides a generous and informative look at a new
generation of theorists whose work is crucial to understanding the
agency of politics within cultural studies. New Cultural Studies is a
must read for anyone concerned not just about the future of cultural
studies but also about theory’s presence in constructing such a future."

Henry Giroux, McMaster University

"This is a wonderful book about emergent possibilities within cultural
studies. The contributors valuably deconstruct and rearticulate the
too-often taken for granted theoretical discourses of cultural studies.
Rather than a declaration of generational independence as the title
might suggest, it is an important reminder of the need for cultural
studies to go on theorizing, in ever-changing contexts of political
Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Hall and Birchall, along with the writers they have included in this
volume, breathe fresh intellectual life in the field of Cultural Studies
by looking to strands in contemporary philosophy and showing how an
animated conversation between Cultural Studies and Philosophy especially
in relation to world events, ethics, war, multi-culturalism, technology
and the body, is long overdue. The chapters in this collection are
erudite and lucid, they are also lively and engaged, and they are highly

effective insofar as they bring Cultural Studies into a new era."
Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths College London

Gary Hall and Clare Birchall are both Senior Lecturers in Media and
Cultural Studies at Middlesex University, London. Hall is the author of
Culture in Bits: The Monstrous Future of Theory (2002) and Digitise
This! (forthcoming, 2007). He is also founding co-editor of the
e-journal Culture Machine (http://www.culturemachine.net). Birchall has
published widely on cultural theory and cultural studies. Her book,
Knowledge Goes Pop: From Conspiracy Theory to Gossip, is published by
Berg (2006).

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