[csaa-forum] UNAUSTRALIA conference announcement

Paul Magee paul.magee at canberra.edu.au
Wed Nov 22 12:45:26 CST 2006

Please note: Due to Parliament House security regulations, you must register
by December 4th.

Dear Presenters and attendees, please note that we need to receive
registrations by the 4th of December to forward a list of names to
Parliament House. Any registrations received later will have to forgo that
part of the programme.


The conference features an International Keynote Address in the Great Hall
of New Parliament House

Professor Jacques Rancière, Emeritus Professor of Aesthetics and Politics at
the University of Paris VII, will address the question:

ŒWhat Does it Mean to be 'Un'? The Thinking of Dissensus Today¹

Professor Rancière¹s address, at 18.15 on Thursday December 7th, will be
followed by a cocktail party in the Marble Foyer of the house. Members of
the public are warmly invited to attend this event (cost: $20; details:
http://www.unaustralia.com/rego.php )

Our other keynote presenters are:

* Professor Larissa Behrendt, who will deliver the conference's keynote
opening address at the University of Canberra
* Doctor Klaus Neumann, author of Not the Way it Really Was
* Associate Professor Catharine Lumby, author of Bad Girls: The Media, Sex
and Feminism in the 90s
* Professor John Frow, who will close the conference with the 2006 Don
Aitken public lecture, which is being co-programmed with the UNAUSTRALIA
* Professor Roger Dean, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra, who
will introduce Professor Frow's lecture with a live sound art performance.

The conference features a gallery opening in the National Museum of
Australia¹s Garden of Australian Dreams at 18.00 on Wednesday December 6th,
a workshop on ŒFashion and Dress in Unaustralia¹ convened by Professor Jenni
Craik, the launches of two new books and one journal issue, and over 150
refereed and general streams of papers on the topic of UNAUSTRALIA.


Attendees can register for

the full 3 days ($395 waged; $220 non-waged)

for 1 day ($190 waged; $115 non-waged)

or just for Professor Rancière address ($20)

(or $65 including Parliament House cocktail party).

Please see further:


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