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September 2006 Issue
Cultural Studies Review
Edited by John Frow & Katrina Schlunke with Fiona Allon & Meaghan Morris
as co-editors Annual print subscription (two issues): $50 (AUS) RRP
(single issue): $29.95 (AUS)
Contact: csreview at unimelb.edu.au
Further details: www.csreview.unimelb.edu.au

VOL.12 NO.2 September 2006
Editorial John Frow & Katrina Schlunke
Cultural Research

Introduction Fiona Allon & Meaghan Morris

>From Criticism to Research: the 'Textual' in the Academy-Meaghan Morris 
Between Sydney and Hong Kong: Doing Cultural Research without
Guarantees-Fiona Allon
Consumption: Why Does it Matter in Cultural Research?-Kimburley Wing Yee
Driving Cultures: Cars, Young People and Cultural Research-Sarah Redshaw

>From Cobra Grubs to Dragons: Negotiating the Politics of Representation
in Cultural Research-Tanja Dreher 
Negotiating Culture, Economics and Community Politics: the Practice of
Lei Yue Mun Tourism in Postcolonial Hong Kong-Shun-hing Chan, Iam-chong
Ip and Lisa Y.M. Leung The Mask of Ageing: Doing Cultural Research for a
'Social Problem'-Kit-ling Luk 
Anti-ageing Cultures, Biopolitics and Globalisation-Brett Neilson 
Contextual Utility and Practicality: Cultural Research for the School
Community in Hong Kong- Po-keung Hui and Stephen C.K. Chan 
>From Cultural Studies to Cultural Research: Engaged Scholarship in the
Twenty-First Century-Ien Ang

Jean Duruz on The Taste Culture Reader
Peter Caldwell on Empire of the Senses and The Book of Touch Mary
Zournazi on Blush: Faces of Shame Lelia Green on The Public Sphere and
Understanding Celebrity Michael Moller on The Sport Star

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