[csaa-forum] Job in Women's Studies at UC Irvine

Melissa Gregg m.gregg at uq.edu.au
Wed Oct 25 09:05:30 CST 2006

  Assistant Professor- Women's Studies
>  The Program in Women's Studies at the University of California,
>  Irvine, announces an opening for a beginning tenure-track,
>  assistant professor in critical cultural studies of gender and
>  transregional networks. We seek candidates with strong theoretical
>  abilities in feminist studies, and grounding in the analysis of
>  gender in its relations to sexuality, race, nationalism, and class.
>  Possible areas of expertise are trade, markets and financial
>  networks; justice, citizenship, and sovereignty; religion and
>  religiosity; and/or transregional exchanges and encounters,
>  preferably emphasizing pre-19th century non-European cultures. We   
> seek
> scholars with interdisciplinary training and/or a
>  sophisticated analysis of disciplinary problematics in one or more
>  of the following areas: sexuality studies, history and theory,
>  geography, critical legal studies, critical race studies, literary
>  and cultural studies, anthropology. Applicants must have a PhD in
>  hand by the time of the appointment. Completed applications
>  containing a letter of application, current CV, three letters of
>  recommendation, and a sample of research or publications should be
> uploaded electronically. Please refer to the following website for
>  instructions: http://www.humanities.uci.edu/SOH/faculty/jobs.php.
>  Applications received by November 30, 2006 will receive the fullest
>  consideration, but screening will continue until the position is
>  filled.
>  If you are interested in applying for this position, please go to
>  the main Humanities website to apply:- http://
>  www.humanities.uci.edu/SOH/faculty/jobs_detail.php?recid=184
>  The University of California Irvine is an Equal Opportunity
>  Employer committed to excellence through diversity and has a
>  National Science Foundation Advance Gender Equity Program.

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