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Call for papers/


The last few years have seen an extraordinary interest in the conditions 
of childhood, both present and past. As well as official inquiries and 
regular expressions of crisis in the provision of services for children 
the discursive figure of 'the child' plays a part across many areas of 
public debate. At the same time feminist commentators are observing that 
a social policy shift to concern with the child displaces previous 
concern with women. Ideas about and practises regarding children are 
not, of course, bounded by national borders as trans-national child 
adoption, to take but one example, demonstrates. The Convention on the 
Rights of the Child 
<http://www.unhchr.ch/html/menu3/b/k2crc.htm> similarly takes a view of 
children and their rights beyond national boundaries.

Contributions are invited for a special issue of/ Australian Feminist 
Studies/ that will focus on 'the child'. Papers that attend to the 
gender, class, sexual, national and/or raced dimensions of real and 
imagined children, contemporary and historical,* *and those that engage 
with feminist theories, from disciplinary or interdisciplinary 
perspectives, are particularly welcome.

Papers might address issues such as the cultural and political meanings 
of representations of 'the child'; the effects of attempts to govern and 
regulate the lives of children; the deployment of 'children's rights'; 
and visions of, or examples of, citizenship - economic, social, 
cultural, sexual - for children.

Papers between 4000 and 8000 words in length are welcomed.

 /Deadline 15 May 2007/

For more information contact the guest editor, Assoc Prof Barbara Baird, 
Women's Studies, Flinders University of SA. Ph 08 8201 2331 (+61 8) 8210 
2331. Barbara.baird at flinders.edu.au

For details about how to submit an article to /Australian Feminist 
Studies/ see the website: 
NB The journal has just changed its referencing to the Chicago style. 
Information about submitting an article on the back page of the most 
recent issue of the journal.


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