[csaa-forum] Lecture by Jalal Toufic

Anna Gibbs a.gibbs at uws.edu.au
Wed Sep 13 10:52:21 CST 2006

>> Pressure Points: Arabic Perspectives on Tradition and the City
>> Jalal Toufic and Ghassan Hage
>> Saturday 23 September 2006
>> Max Webber Library
>> Civic Plaza, Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown.
>> 3.00pm-5.00pm 
>> (Parking under the Library via Alpha Street)
>> Screening of Jalal Toufic's films
>> 6.00pm-8.30pm
>> Entry: Free
>> Refreshments provided
>> Following the postponement of the Pressure Points forum due to the recent
>> war in Lebanon, philosopher, film theorist and video artist Jalal Toufic
>> will present the inaugural lecture in what is now the Pressure Points
>> series. Sydney University professor of anthopology and cultural theorist
>> Ghassan Hage will respond as discussant.
>> Jalal Toufic is the author of Distracted (1991, 2003), (Vampires): An Uneasy
>> Essay 
>> on the Undead in Film (1993), Over-Sensitivity (1996), Forthcoming (2000)
>> and Undying Love, or Love Dies (2002). His videos and mixed media works have
>> been presented in North America, Brazil, the Middle East and Europe. Toufic
>> has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, California Institute
>> of the Arts, USC, and, in Amsterdam, DasArts and the Rijksakademie. He is
>> currently head of MA program in Film and Video Studies at the Department of
>> Visual and Performing Arts, Holy Spirit University, Beirut.
>> http://www.jalaltoufic.com/
>> "Toufic is one of the most active and ambitious figures in the Arab world
>> who - book by book - has endeavoured to sculpt a critical, theoretical
>> language of the Arab world." The Daily Star, Lebanon.
>> Ghassan Hage is the author of Against Paranoid Nationalism (2003, 2006),
>> which won the 2004 NSW Premier's Community Relations Award, What Would You
>> Die For? (2004), and White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a
>> Multicultural Society (1998, 2000, 2003). He has lectured in Europe, the
>> Middle East and America and is currently Chair of the Department of
>> Anthropology at the University of Sydney.
>> http://www-personal.arts.usyd.edu.au/ghahagea/
>> Please RSVP for catering purposes by 20 September: Casula Powerhouse Tel: 02
>> 9824 1121 or The Writing and Society Research Group, writing at uws.edu.au
>> Enquiries: Mireille Astore, mireille at astore.id.au
>> For more information please visit:
>> http://www.casulapowerhouse.com/pages/current.php
>> http://www.ice.org.au/
> Pressure Points has been organised by the UWS Writing and Society Research
> Group and the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, in conjunction with Information
> and Cultural Exchange, and with the assistance of the NSW Government - Arts
> NSW. We are grateful to the Blacktown Arts Centre for their support with
> this event.

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