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Ryan Johnston johr at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Aug 31 08:58:52 CST 2006

FLUX:	The University of Melbourne School of Art History, Cinema, 
Classics and Archaeology’s (AHCCA) FINAL Postgraduate Association 
Conference will be held on the 9th and 10th of November 2006.

1. The FLUX call for papers closes on September 15.  20 minute papers 
are sought from postgraduates of all universities in Aust/NZ.  Based on 
the response thus far this will be the largest postgraduate conference 
the department has ever held, and submissions have been received from 
postgrads in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.  For the full Call 
for Papers visit: http://www.ahcca.unimelb.edu.au/flux/

2.  Confirmed opening keynote address:
Adrian Martin: “Cinema Invents Ways of Dancing”
'How do you dance, Sandman?'.  That pointed question from Francis 
Coppola's THE COTTON CLUB (1984) cues us into the many forms and 
meanings that dancing has in cinema, once it is liberated from the 
strict confines of the conventional musical. Dance as social action, as 
strategy or resistance ... cinema is always inventing ways of dancing, 
often in the least likely contexts. Taking its cue from writers 
including Serge Daney, this presentation will present (with clips) a 
range of cinematic dance-inventions, from Godard and Akerman to KING OF 

Adrian Martin is the author of Raul Ruiz: Sublimes Obsesiones 
(Altamira, 2004), The Mad Max Movies (Currency, 2003), Once Upon a Time 
in America (BFI, 1998) and Phantasms (Penguin, 1994), as well as the 
Co-Editor of Rouge (www.rouge.com.au)

For more FLUX information visit the department’s website or email the 
postgraduate association at: ahccapgrads at gmail.com
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