[csaa-forum] Considering postgrad research at UQ Bne?

Andrea Mitchell a.mitchell at uq.edu.au
Fri Aug 11 10:48:36 CST 2006

Dear Cultural Studies practitioners, 

info about a travel award for honours students, please pass on as
appropriate, thanks,  Andrea Mitchell for CCCS  . 


Considering postgrad research at UQ Bne?  Travel Scholarship


The Faculty of Arts at The University of Queensland is offering travel
scholarships of up to $500 for currently enrolled honours students who
are interested in travelling to Brisbane to do some on the spot
investigation of the possibilities for postgraduate research in the
humanities at UQ.


This will be of particular interest to students considering postgraduate
research in media and cultural studies; possible supervisors from the
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies (CCCS) and from the School of
English, Media Studies and Art History (EMSAH) include Graeme Turner and
Melissa Gregg (CCCS); David Carter, Tom O'Regan, Frances Bonner, Fiona
Nicoll, Melissa Gregg, Jane Stadler and Maureen Burns (EMSAH). 


Successful applicants will be invited to visit UQ during Research Week
(18-22 September); the EMSAH postgraduate students conference, WIP, also
takes place on 24-26 September. 


Applicants who expect a first class honours result or equivalent should
send a research plan (no more than 1 page) and a short cv, indicating
their discipline to Sherrie Hoang at s.hoang at uq.edu.au by August 25


Successful applicants will be notified by email. 

For more information on the opportunities available for postgraduate
research at UQ go to www.uq.edu.au/grad-school/


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