[csaa-forum] NDP semianr series 16th August: Narrative featuring Dr Katrina Schlunke (UTS) and Dr. Sara Knox (UWS)

Cristyn Davies c.m.davies at uws.edu.au
Wed Aug 9 08:43:17 CST 2006

Staff and Students are invited  to attend the NDP seminar series. The second part of this series is in August.Please put it in your diary, come along and meet other students and academic staff in the NDP and beyond.

Narrative, Discourse and Pedagogy seminar series

Wednesday 16th August 2006 
Conference room 2, building 23, Bankstown campus UWS

‘Past Writing’ 		
Dr Katrina Schlunke (UTS)

To writes 'pasts', (only sometimes called histories) is to currently be caught in the organising ideas of fact and what the difference between history and fiction is. But what if we want to write histories that are corporeal, sensuous and material? How do we properly evoke the mechanics, the sensations and the means of production that have left us with this contingently experienced past? Why do we want to write the past differently and can we? Could Captain Cook help us?

Katrina Schlunke has been employed in the Writing and Cultural Studies Area at UTS since 2003 and joined TfC in 2004. Her research is directly concerned with narratives of the local within an organising rubric of culture in two distinct ways: the first is that she engages with the ways in which knowledge is always localised and not necessarily in opposition, or even in relation to, an idea of the global; the second is a critical examination and active, performed, harrying of the historical and on-going force of narrative.
Her monograph, Bluff Rock (Autobiography of a massacre) will be published by Curtin University Press in 2005 and, with Professor Stephen Muecke, Katrina received an ARC Discovery Grant in 2004 to research Voyages of Myth: Captain Cook in the Popular Australian Imagination.

Katrina is currently co-editor (with John Frow) of the Cultural Studies Review, a refereed journal published twice yearly by Melbourne University Press: www.csreview.unimelb.edu.au

‘On the nearness of distant things: researching the historical novel’
Dr Sara Knox (UWS)

This paper considers the impact of the historical fiction of Hilary Mantel, an author too much ignored by scholars to date. And, like Mantel’s ongoing work imagining the French Revolution in the pages of the London Review of Books, I’d here like to turn to present account the research that went in to the writing of my own historical novel by thinking through the exigencies—and compulsions—of research for writers of that genre.

Sara Knox is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities at the University of Western Sydney. She is author of Murder: a Tale of Modern American Life (Duke University Press, 1998) and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Mortality. Her research concerns the cultural history of death, and the meanings given to collective and individual violence that have shaped that history. Being an interdisciplinary scholar her work draws from anthropology, history, literary and media studies. Her research traces the ways in which death has been culturally figured, and examines the mechanisms by which that figuring has simultaneously been glossed—rhetorically, symbolically and actually. Her enquiry into the changing meanings of death and violence is grounded in a theoretical analysis of the social function of writing in constructing eschatology of the human. The unifying theme of that work is the ineffable that representation, and writing, must attempt to grasp.

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