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Postcolonial Politics

November 27 – 29, 2006

Organised by the Postcolonial Studies Research Network, University of  
Otago, Dunedin, NZ

Keynote Speakers

Dr Suvendrini Perera         Faculty of Media, Society and Culture,  
Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Dr Mark Devenney           Historical & Critical Studies, Brighton  
University, U.K.

Dr Anthony Burke            School of Politics and International  
Relations, University of New South Wales, Australia

Call for Papers

What is a postcolonial politics? How might such a politics be  
constituted? What concerns animate contemporary postcolonial  
politics? Where are the spaces of politics? Where are the stakes?  
What are the terms of political contestation and transformation? How  
are the forms and concerns of postcolonial politics shifting? Such  
questions are critical in the face of arguments that postcolonial  
criticism has become absorbed into institutions of power, as well as  
suggestions that the abstraction of the postcolonial as a  
methodology, and its appropriation for First World concerns, mean  
that the postcolonial has no political currency. Against this are  
arguments affirming the productive possibilities of articulating a  
politics of liberation through postcolonial critique. Questions about  
a postcolonial politics also emerge as crucial at a time when the  
rights of a variety of peoples (asylum-seekers, refuges, boat-people,  
exiles, diasporas, indigenous communities, migrants) animate the  
genealogy of our present.

We invite a wide range of scholars working out of different contexts,  
disciplines and interests to either reinterpret/revisit any of the  
major debates in these fields, or ask new questions that seem  
important. Postgraduate scholars and early career researchers are  
particularly encouraged to contribute. We intend to publish a  
selection of papers from the symposium.

Papers from across the disciplines are invited to address any aspect  
of Postcolonial Politics, including:

Citizenship, Democracy
Capital, Labour, and Bio-politics
Bioethics, Ecocriticism, Politics of disaster
Migration, Immigration, Exile
Region/ Religion/Politics and Culture
Empire, Globalisation, Terrorism, Aliens
Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Class, Indigeneity
Media, Culture, Arts, Literature
Food, Water, Epidemics and/or Pandemics
Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice
Opposition, Resistance, Complicity
Politics of Postcolonial Theory
We invite abstracts of 250-300 words to be sent to Dr Vijay Devadas  
(vijay.devadas at stonebow.otago.ac.nz) by 8 September 2006.

Registration details and conference info will be available after 8  
September on the Postcolonial Studies Research Network website http:// 

Best wishes

Dr Vijay Devadas
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New Zealand/ Aotearoa

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