[csaa-forum] Another attack on CS in the Oz

Tanja Schwalm tsc22 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Jul 28 13:20:08 CST 2006

Hi there


Whilst I think it's probably a bit misguided to attack an academic
conference for its language, this article doesn't even look 'anti-theory' to
me. I think the main point she's trying to make is that we should
communicate our ideas in ways that 'the mainstream' can understand, and in
forums where 'the mainstream' gets to hear them. After all, our ideas need
to be 'out there' to make a difference. This, at least, seems a valid point
to me.


Tanja Schwalm

PhD student

University of Canterbury




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Hi Amanda,

Is this one 'anti-left'? Looks to me more like an attempt to claim the
position of the 'true left' against a current, as Emma Dawson would have it
'degraded', academic form. She's certainly 'anti-theory', but I wonder
whether a different kind of response is called for in cases like these than
to a Bolt or Windschuttle. It is not nice being attacked in public, but
isn't this really someone we should be trying to talk around, find common
ground with ...?

- Mg

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