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Fashion in Fiction
26-27 May 2007

An International Transdisciplinary Conference,
University of Technology, Sydney Australia

It was Roland Barthes who proposed that fashion was not an ‘industry’ 
but rather a set of fictions. By this Barthes did not wish to ignore 
the economic function of fashion, but rather underline fashion’s mythic 
dimension, and suggest that fashion is a literature in itself. Fashion 
and fiction have long existed in close proximity; writers have been 
driven by their experience of fashion; fashion has been developed 
through and by literary tropes. What makes dress and fashion such a 
fascinating subject for writers? And how are fashion’s mythologies 
constructed and disseminated through fictional texts?

This transdisciplinary conference, a creative collaboration between the 
Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building and the Faculty of 
Humanities and Social Sciences, seeks to investigate and explore the 
role that fashion has played in fictional narratives from the 19th 
century to the present. In particular, it will examine specific fashion 
discourses or conversations within fiction, assessing the role, 
function, and purposes of clothes, fashion movements, style and image 
to create narratives within narratives.

Papers are sought from those engaged in the fields of literature, 
creative writing, media, cultural studies, fashion and design, 
philosophy and theory.

Papers, work-in-progress and workshops are invited. Possible topics may 
include but not limited to:

−	the gothic						
−	animated texts						
−	graphic novels					
−	historical fiction					
−	new media
−	script and cinematic texts
−	metaphor/metaphorical fiction
−	feminist readings in fashion and display.
−	queer readings of fashion in fiction.
−	Semiotics of fashion
−	Fashion in crime fiction.
−	Fashion in historical fiction.

Selected papers will be published in a peer referred publication.

Abstract Deadline: October 15, 2006
Please send abstracts to:
Vicki.karaminas at uts.edu.au
Peter.McNeil at uts.edu.au
Catherine.Cole at uts.edu.au
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