[csaa-forum] Altitude 7 'Culture and Climate Change'

Emily Potter ecpotter at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Jun 28 08:37:55 CST 2006

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Edited by Emily Potter and Paul Starr


The last few years have seen an increased world-wide engagement of
cultural producers and critics with climate change issues. While
environmental work is most often considered the purview of scientists and
social scientists, there are voices beyond these disciplinary fields that
are vital to the debate and active within it. Culture is not just a source
of environmental ills that science can remedy: it provides a framework for
their understanding, and carries the seeds of effective responses.

This collection offers a taste of the contributions that cultural analysis
can make to our understanding of climate change causes, vulnerabilities,
adaptations and solutions. What might climate change do to the cultures we
live in, study and care for? How can the media and communications
strategies promote cultural answers to climate change? And, in the mix of
culture and climate change, now and in the past, where can we find
cultural studies? Includes writing by Tim Sherratt, Jay Arthur and Kate
Ribgy, as well as an interview with Clive Hamilton and Richard Eckersley.

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