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Tanja Dreher tanja.dreher at uts.edu.au
Thu Jun 22 10:26:10 CST 2006

Second Sydney Futures Twilight Symposium

Presented by the University of Technology Sydney Faculties of
Design, Architecture & Building, & Humanities and Social Sciences
Sponsored by
Transforming/Cultures Research Centre UTS
Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC)
Council of the City of Sydney
In partnership with
Local Government and Shires Association
Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS)
Further information:

June 2006 - March 2007
Sydney is a global metropolis sliding into chaos. A beautiful city with 
a declining infrastructure, a city once characterised by its concerns 
for social justice, it is now harder to live in, unhealthier, more 
dangerous, more expensive, and far less equitable than its potential holds.
In a desire to stimulate a comprehensive debate among its citizens about 
the future of our city and its region, the University of Technology 
Sydney, the university of the city, sponsors six twilight symposia 
focusing on critical issues in the city's future. The symposia are held 
every six weeks or so, with the final event a free public forum 2 weeks 
out from the March 2007 state election.

A search conference in April 2007 will focus attention on the 
post-election issues and how policies will need to be developed and 
implemented. Further information on the conference will appear later in 

Each symposium will be addressed by leading figures in the field, 
planners, advocates, academics and social critics, who will identify and 
analyse the issues and look for solutions. There will be time for 
questions and comments. The collected papers will be published by UTS 
e-Press through the TFC occasional papers series; there will be a series 
blog. The series will be podcast.

Thanks to our sponsors, this is a free program.

To register, please download a registration form (pdf, 36kb) and send  to:
Sydney Futures Twilight Symposia
Office of the Dean
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007
P: +61 2 9514 9933
F: +61 2 9514 2711
E: marketing.hss at uts.edu.au
Blog: http://www.whitepage.com.au/SydneyFutures2006/

Keeping the local in the global city: LEPs
Date: 6 July 2006, 4pm - 7pm
Location: UTS City Campus, Science Building CB04 (entrance Harris St), 
Level 2, Room 38 (CB04.02.38)
Chair: Glen Searle, DAB, UTS
Genia McCaffrey, LGSA President
Stephen McMahon, Urban Planner
Michael Neustein, Urban Planner
Will the state government use its new powers to remove the local from 
the city? What will ensure communities are viable and supportive 
environments? Will new directions mean more "cookie-cutter" suburbs?

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