[csaa-forum] CHASS: news update

Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Thu Jun 8 10:50:58 CST 2006

Dear csaa-forum

The latest news from CHASS:

1.  CHASS is running a symposium for Directors of university-based centres
for research and education, to tackle some of the hard issues they face.

The full program has now been posted on our web site: www.chass.org.au

How can directors develop strategies, generate and manage income streams,
and handle the demands of mentoring early-career researchers? How do they
communicate impact?  The event has a very strong line-up of speakers.

We have invited DVCs and Deans from all universities in Australia to
nominate their "most innovative, network-minded and connected directors" to

This event will be at the University of Technology in Sydney, on July 3-4.

2.  Malcolm Gillies has issued a media release on the dangers of relying too
heavily on metrics in assessing research: "Metrics not a reliable guide to

He says the renewed emphasis upon research metrics in British research
assessment is causing great anxiety for many vice-chancellors in Britain.
They fear an erosion of funding in arts, humanities and social science

The full text is on the CHASS web page.


Toss Gascoigne

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