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Vibewire.net e-Festival of Ideas
:: April 4-8 2006::

Mark it in your diary now, 'cos you're invited to the second annual
e-Festival of Ideas  - a conference with a virtual, democratic twist.

Unlike most physical conferences, Vibewire.net's e-Festival of Ideas is
unfettered by geographic locality, free to participate in, and you can have
your say at any time during the festival, day or night. It's a conference
taken online and democratised.

It's an opportunity for everyone - expert and non-expert - to share
perspectives and insights on issues that matter to you, from global poverty
to identity, the media, art and travel. These nine lively panels will
feature guests such as -

Peter Garrett - Federal MP & musician

Mary Mycio - Environmental author & journalist

Courtney Gibson - Head of Entertainment, ABC TV

Alan Kay - Software guru

Malcolm Long - Director, AFTRS

Ryan Heath - Author, 'Please Just F* Off, It's Our Turn Now'

Megan Spencer - Resident film geek, jjj

Andrew Charlton - Co-author, 'Fair Trade for All'

Michael Agar - Director, Popcorn Taxi Film Festival

Erin Free - Editor, Filmink

In addition to stimulating debate, feature articles, blog posts and relevant
resources, there'll also be some great contributor prizes up for grabs, so
get online and jon the conversation!


More details at www.vibewire.net/efestival




Tom Dawkins

National Coordinator

Vibewire Youth Services Inc.

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"You don't need eyes to see - you need vision." - Faithless


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