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Tony Mitchell Tony.Mitchell at uts.edu.au
Wed Aug 24 11:03:46 CST 2005

Cultural Transformations Research Network
4th International Symposium
2-4 December 2005

(Trans)figuring Bodies

Bodies are figuring across a range of disciplines in new and exciting 
ways. Some critics have gone as far as to refer to the 'corporeal turn' 
to describe this new emphasis on bodies and embodiment in theory and 

The Cultural Transformations Research Network fourth annual symposium 
intends to give theorists and practitioners from across the Humanities 
the opportunity to consider how bodies are being represented and 
theorised, defined and inscribed; how embodiment is enacted and 
performed; in short, how bodies are (trans)figured.

Papers might address (trans)figuring bodies across a wide range of 
possible themes such as:

-	bodies in performance / performative bodies
-	technologies and embodiment
-	changing representations of the body in literature, media & culture
-	virtual bodies
-	body modification
-	biomedical body imaging
-	cross-cultural constructions and understandings of the body
-	corporeal feminism
-	cosmetic surgery & body make-overs
-	gender and body image
-	bodies of knowledge

Contributions are invited from all relevant disciplines, particularly 
from literature and textual studies (in all languages), linguistics, 
music, theatre, dance, film and media, performance studies, design, 
visual culture, geography, sociology, medicine, and cultural studies.

For more information on the Cultural Transformations Research Network, 
please refer to our website:

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