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Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Mon Jul 18 19:02:24 CST 2005

Dear csaa-forum

PMSEIC inquiry "The Role of Creativity in the Innovation Economy"

Professor Iain McCalman is chairing the Working Group on The Role of
Creativity in the Innovation Economy for the Prime Minister's Science,
Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).

CHASS is putting in a submission, and would like your comments and examples
on the following key issues:

€ What key factors do you see as important to strengthen collaboration
between the Arts and Humanities sectors and the Science, Education and
Training (SET) sectors? (Conversely what are the blockages?)
€ Can you identify opportunities for the arts and humanities sector to
interact with the SET sectors to forge greater links between these sectors?
€ Would an education in the arts and humanities help prepare students for
the challenges facing the SET sectors (eg technological changes and the
effects of globalisation)?
€ What structures support creativity in the SET sectors?
€ How can SET students be engaged to promote creativity?
€ From your experience are there elements of the Higher Education system
that foster creativity - if so, please describe - if not, how might it be
altered to promote the development of creativity?
€ In what ways can industry benefit from an increased focus on creativity
and interaction with the Arts and Humanities Sectors?

All comments should be sent to CHASS Director Toss Gascoigne at
director at chass.org.au

Closing date is Monday 1 August

More information about PMSEIC and the terms of reference will shortly be
posted on our web site:  www.chass.org.au


Toss Gascoigne

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