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>Subject: Media and Identity - Call for Papers
>Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 11:20:39 +0800
>Thread-Topic: Media and Identity - Call for Papers
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>From: "Denise Woods" <Denise.Woods at exchange.curtin.edu.au>
>To: <m.gibson at murdoch.edu.au>
>The Media-Asia Research Group (Curtin 
>University) would like to invite you to present 
>a paper at the Media and Identity in Asia 
>Conference which will be held from 15-16 
>February 2006 at Curtin University of 
>Technology, Sarawak, Malaysia.  Below is the 
>call for papers.   
>Conference Theme
>The debate over 'media/cultural imperialism' of 
>the west has become complicated in the last two 
>decades by the emergence of media technologies 
>which allow messages and images, on the one 
>hand, to be instantly broadcast across the 
>globe; and on the other, to be produced 
>relatively cheaply for narrow-casting to 
>sub-national groups both within and across 
>national boundaries.  If the 20th century was 
>the era of the nation being imagined in print 
>and broadcast media, then in the 21st century 
>that imagination maybe under challenge by new 
>technologies that enable the imagination of new 
>politico-cultural topographies.  The purpose of 
>this conference is to address the shape of 
>national, local, ethnicised and gendered 
>identities being formulated by and in the media 
>in Asia in the 21st century.
>  This is an international, interdisciplinary 
>conference which invites analytical papers 
>focusing on one or more of the following issues 
>and themes:
>·         Gender and the Media
>·         Re-visiting the Media/Cultural Imperialism Debate
>·         Media Law / Censorship and Regulation in the Media
>·         New vs Traditional Media
>·         Internet Studies
>·         ICT for Development
>·         Media Industries and Corporate Communication
>·         Media Education
>·         Media Networking
>·         Representation of Asian Identities in the Foreign Media
>·         Language, Rhetoric and Identity in the Media
>  We welcome proposals for individual papers as 
>well as workshops and panels. Abstracts of no 
>more than 250 words are to be submitted by 30 
>September 2005 to 
><mailto:marg2005 at curtin.edu.my>marg2006 at curtin.edu.my 
>or through the conference website listed below.
>  Proposals should include: Title of paper, 
>abstract, format (single paper, workshop or 
>panel), Author's name(s) and biodata (50 words), 
>equipment required (VCR, data projector etc), 
>institution of affiliation and contact details 
>(email, fax and phone).
>  For more information, please visit the conference website:


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