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Contents of 46.1, special number on “Noise”. 

Call for papers (2 - open issue and special issue on ‘Creolization: Towards
a Non-eurocentric Europe’). 


Unless specified otherwise, please direct all correspondence regarding CTC
to: ctc at nottingham.ac.uk  ; apologies for cross-postings. 


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_Culture, Theory and Critique_ is an interdisciplinary journal for the
transformation and development of critical theories in the humanities and
social sciences. It aims to critique and reconstruct theories by interfacing
them with one another and by relocating them in new sites and conjunctures.
_Culture, Theory and Critique’s_ approach to theoretical refinement and
innovation is one of interaction and hybridisation via recontextualisation
and transculturation. The reconceptualisation of critical theories is
achieved by: 


* assessing how well theories emerging from particular spatial, cultural,
geographical and historical contexts travel and translate into new

* confronting theories with their limitations or aporias through immanent

* applying theories to cultural, literary, social and political phenomena in
order to test them against their respective fields of concern and to
generate critical feedback.

* interfacing theories from different intellectual, disciplinary and
institutional settings. 


_Culture, Theory and Critique_ publishes one special issue and one open
issue per volume. 



JUST PUBLISHED. Culture, Theory and Critique. VOLUME 46.1 2005. 

SPECIAL ISSUE: NOISE. Edited by Greg Hainge and Paul Hegarty. 




No(i)stalgia: On the Impossibility of Recognising Noise in the Present. 

Greg Hainge



Voices of the Dead: Transmission / Translation / Transgression.

Anthony Enns



Noise and Ethics: On Evan Parker and Alain Badiou.

Marcel Cobussen



The Splinter in Your Ear: Noise as the Semblance of Critique.

Nick Smith



The Noise of Thoughts: The Turbulent (Sound-)Worlds of Jean-Luc Godard. 

Douglas Morrey



Raving Sibyls, Signifying Gods: Noise and Sense in Heraclitus Fragments 92
and 93. 

Andrew Benjamin



Notes on contributors




CALL FOR PAPERS: SPECIAL ISSUE, MAY 2007 ‘Creolization: Towards a
Non-eurocentric Europe’ 


Is Europe involved in a process of "Creolization"? This issue proposes to
test the idea that creolization, an originally territorialized Caribbean
theory, is now resonating far beyond the new Americas, and might offer a
theoretical approach to the construction of a paradoxically self-referential
but non-Eurocentric Europe. 

Contributors are invited to take, as their point of departure, the idea that
the Creolization of Europe is an interdisciplinary phenomenon linked, but
not coterminous, with globalization or postcolonialism. We may now be in the
position of "discovering" Europe from the vantage point of creolization just
as Columbus discovered America except that the discovery process itself
would have inherited the self-referential suspicion that we have learned
from studying the history of conquering ancestors. 

We welcome studies that cross political theory and gendered or queered
perspectives as well as analyses of everyday life and migratory cultural

CTC welcomes inquiries at any time, but contributors are requested to submit
articles on "Creolization: Towards a Non-eurocentric Europe" between
February and June 2006 

All initial inquiries to Mireille Rosello at m-rosello at northwestern.edu






Inquiries for open issues should be directed to: ctc at nottingham.ac.uk. 

Submissions for open issues should be sent to _Culture, Theory and Critique,
Department of Hispanic and Latin American Studies, University of Nottingham,
Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK. Submissions for the open issues may be sent at any


Submissions are subject to peer review.




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