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Warwick Mules w.mules at cqu.edu.au
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Do you live in a badlands? What constitutes a badlands? What are the 
affective regimes that trigger badland associations? What kind of 
space is a badlands? What kind of histories do badlands have? How can 
we re-imagine badlands?

We are calling for papers, multimedia presentations and participants 
to the conference

Making Badlands	1 - 2 December 2005

A conference hosted by Transformations and the Bundaberg Media 
Research Group, Central Queensland University, Bundaberg, Queensland.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ross Gibson, New Media and Digital Culture, 
Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of 
Technology Sydney.

Making Badlands is about the production of visual and temporal spaces 
in both a real and imaginary sense, and the affective regimes that 
inhabit them as places of danger, excitement or abhorrence. Following 
Ross Gibson's provocative lead in his book Seven Versions of an 
Australian Badland, we want to draw out the dimensions of making 
badlands historically and in the contemporary sense, through archival 
memory, institutional discourse, artistic expression and through 
various media practices.

We are looking for papers on the theme 'Making Badlands'. We are also 
looking for multimedia presentations on badland scenarios and themes. 
How have badlands been made in the past? Can we resist and 
rearticulate badland scenarios?

Abstracts for papers and presentations now extended to 31st August.

For details please visit the Transformations web site at


  Or contact one of the conference organisers

Warwick Mules 	w.mules at cqu.edu.au	(ph: 07 41507142)
Phil Roe		p.roe at cqu.edu.au		(ph: 07 41507088)
Grayson Cooke	g.cooke at cqu.edu.au	(ph: 07 41507136)

School of Humanities/School of Contemporary Communications
Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences/Faculty of Informatics and Communication
Bundaberg Campus
Central Queensland University
Locked Bag 3333 DC
Bundaberg Qld 4670

Ph: 07 41 507177
Fax: 07 41 507090

Dr. Warwick Mules				Editor Transformations
Cultural Studies, 
Humanities, Central Queensland University
Bundaberg Campus,				email: w.mules at cqu.edu.au
Locked Bag 3333 DC				phone: 0741 507142
Bundaberg, Queensland,			mobile: 04122 92541
Australia  4670				fax:   0741 507080
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