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Joshua Green jb.green at qut.edu.au
Fri May 20 14:08:43 CST 2005


The scan is both the quick glance and the measured study, it is a survey of
the exterior and an interrogation of hidden interiors. Practices of
scanning are a response to the increased number of things to consider and
the reduced amount of time to consider them. Scanning demarcates that which
is seen as relevant, interesting and important into ever increasing 'to do'
lists, at the same time dismissing that which is not. These questions of
importance or relevance are often decided through cursory glances and
greater consideration is regularly left for 'later'. Scanning engages
questions about surveillance, about the way in which we surveil our self
and our surrounds, and about the way we submit our self and our surrounds
to surveillance by others. In many ways scanning has an impact on the way
in which authority is practiced, in creative practice, scholarship and
daily life.

This edition invites reflections on the 'scan', on the activities of
watching, surveilling, reporting and recording. We invite creative
interpretations of the act of scanning and contributions from a wide
variety of fields to explore its practices, limitations and potentials.
o Article deadline: 1 July 2005
o Release date: 24 August 2005
o Editors: Joshua Green and Adam Swift
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